Just how sexy is Ipanema beach?


Ipanema beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Famous for being the place of beautiful girls, Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro is alive with energy and activity.

Back in 1962, Antonio Carlos Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes wrote the song “The Girl from Ipanema” after being inspired by a tall, pretty brunette in her late teens.

Since then, Ipanema has gained itself somewhat of a reputation for being sexy, a place for people to feed their eyes on physical beauty. Does it live up to its image?


Hanging out on Ipanema beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The idea of a beach in a city always sounds quite appealing but in reality, Ipanema beach is a display of bodies packed in tightly along a narrow strip of sand.


Surfing Ipanema beach, Rio de Janeiro

Surfers gather at the top end of the beach, the braver going nearer the point and dodging rocks. Teenagers play volleyball and women spill out of string bikinis whilst men stand around chatting in tiny trunks, showing off some upper bodywork.

But not everyone is perfect; there are plenty of thigh ripples and love handles on display too. It’s quite a relief really. Maybe not conventionally sexy, it definitely makes it more real. And that’s more sexy, right?


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