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What to do on a Sunday in Quito?

  1. Walk to a random roadside and then wait a while in torrential rain. Get soaked through.
  2. Get splashed by passing cars. Don’t mind too much because you’re already soaked.
  3. Flag down a bus (who knew it was a bus stop?) and travel along Av. Amazonas ($0.25). Get off by the CCI (Centro Comercial Iñaquito), a familiar multi-complex.
  4. Wander around indoors amongst Quito shoppers. Don’t worry about clutching your bag – this isn’t tourist town.
  5. Stop for coffee unknowingly alongside an Ecuadorian football star who is quietly having a drink with his young family. Watch a girl ask to have her photo taken with him. Decide against asking for a photo yourself (be honest, you didn’t even know who he was before you were told).
  6. Head upstairs to the food court, a fast food haven where $3-$4 will buy you a full meal from the likes of Mayflower (Chinese), Donut Express or McDonalds (you can’t escape it).
  7. Wait/fight for a table (delete as appropriate). All of Quito seems to congregate here on a weekend.
  8. Escalator down to the basement to play a game of table tennis, bowling or pool ($5 for an hour). Join the teens on the dance mats, if you can manage to push in.
  9. Buy a cinema ticket for Noches de Miedo – Fright Night- in 3D and in Spanish ($6.20). Your decision is based on the poster and the fact that you recognise the lead, Colin Farrell (although you’re not sure you’re really a fan).
  10. Start queuing in the corridor at least half an hour before the film starts. Set up camp with your popcorn and oversized cola and wait. Whilst waiting, ponder what the synopsis for the film actually stated. You guess it’s a horror film and wonder why you bought a ticket.
  11. Understand the gist and genre of the film: it is a vampire/horror/comedy (you think). Laugh loudly along with your fellow cinema goers. Celebrate your improved Spanish when you understand the odd word.
  12. Say goodbye to new friends and hail a taxi back to gringoland ($3).
  13. Run from the taxi to your hostel and buzz to be let in through the security gates. Home.


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