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4 responses to “S America

  1. Blair

    Hi Finn, looking forward to your Bolivian write up eh!…All the best & have a great day! Blair

    • I’ll eventually get around to the Uyuni and La Paz write-ups – running a little. Sign up and you’ll get them delivered! Catch up sometime soon. x

  2. Hi! Found your blog, thanks to WordPress for Freshly Pressing you. Right away I started reading more of your posts about Ecuador and Brazil as I lived in these two countries for a few years. I always like to know what people are saying about places I’ve explored. Loved your post about Campos do Jordao. Isn’t a weird place? I totally agree with you.

    Good travels and if you make it to Chile, you have to spend some time in Valparaiso. Lovely place! I will keep reading you blog.

    • Glad you found my blog! Welcome! Campos do Jordao is a pretty bizarre place, for sure. Can’t say I loved it, but it was interesting to stop by for the day. And Chile – yes – I’ll make it there some day for sure. I keep hearing good things about Chile in terms of landscapes and people.

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