Thanks Wanderlust travel magazine!


The lovely folk over at Wanderlust travel magazine awarded Blog of the Week with my ‘9 reasons why solo travel is great’ post.

The post was written during my first visit to Australia when I was about to head back over to South America to check out a bit of Brazil, Bolivia and the Galapagos islands.

To read the blog post on, click on the post link below  or visit the Wanderlust website by clicking  the Wanderlust logo.



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7 responses to “Thanks Wanderlust travel magazine!

  1. liz

    Congratulations! You & your blog are so worth it!

  2. Finola, that’s wonderful. Congratulations! I love that post and they were smart to choose it. I hope they sent you a big, thick check. 🙂 ~Terri

  3. Hi Finola. Interesting blog. The last bit which you’ve added on as some kind of after-thought is actually extremely important. I mean about watching it when backpacking alone (meeting wierdos, esp if you’re a female). Not that the lone male backpacker is always safe either. Certain countries are best travelled in groups. Before you start off for places unknown it’s best to check out on websites, like this one or which is pretty good, and so many others. Merely relying on the tourism ministry brochures of XYZ-land are a sure recipe for disaster.

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