Three weeks of Pacific sunrises

Somehow I got lucky and landed the sunrise watch.

Me and early mornings have a love-hate relationship but in this situation, where I had to be up anyway to do my boat duty as we crossed the South Pacific Ocean, I just had to get on with it. Getting to sit in on sunrise every morning was incentive enough for me to crawl out of bed without too heavy a head.

I looked forward to my watch.

There is something so quiet and magical about watching the sky shift from total darkness to a soft, peachy hue as the sun rises and pushes through horizon morning mist. On some days, lines of light – God lights – streak out from behind a cloud glowing bright golden; other times her appearance is more gradual and gentle, a soft glow building in luminosity until the sky is aflame with pinks and oranges and a ball of warmth.

How often do you get to sit in an empty ocean completely by yourself watching day break whilst other souls sleep below deck? I decided to photograph my sunrise moments and share them with you.

On Day 1 I was given time to adjust to life on the boat so I hadn’t yet started my watches. Day 2 I sat in on and observed other people’s watches, so it was only on Day 3 that I started this little project. Enjoy.


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13 responses to “Three weeks of Pacific sunrises

  1. I am soooo jealous! I love sunrises, despite the early morning wake up. All my friends who have travelled with me hate the fact that I love them so much! Thank you for sharing your photos

    • Thank you for stopping by, taking a look and commenting! I think the magic of sunrises is that compared to sunsets, they’re far less frequented so the experience feels more intimate and special… and also the beauty of starting your day with a sunrise just gives some level of positivity. Maybe I’m just sounding silly here, but hopefully it makes some sense!

  2. These are so gorgeous. The colors are incredible!

    • I look back at the sunrises in some of the photos and think exactly that… gorgeous… incredible…. In amongst the daily crap that many people have to deal with, we have these beautiful moments. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.

  3. Wow, lucky watch to get! Well captured, too…just beautiful!

    • It’s funny because when I line up the selection, some of the images of the sunrises look pretty ‘nothing’, but at the time they were undeniably special. How I wish I were a photograhper with a good camera and a whole load more skill! But it gives a taste of what I saw, I guess. As a photographer, I imagine you’d do a far better job of creating some well constructed, beautiful memories.

  4. wizard

    Day 14 is my favourite. So many great pictures though. 🙂

    • Day 14 is a funny one with quite a lot of cloud and the sun insisting on pushing on through. I think Day 9 and Day 19 are my favourites, if I have to choose. Day 19 almost look like painting… Thanks for your comment.

  5. liz

    amazing! what an awesome project! just beautiful. ❤

    • Having this project whilst on board the boat was something to focus on and got me out of bed quickly each morning. It’s the first real continuous photo project I did and I really enjoyed it… on your blog you’re no stranger to photo projects (and always done beautifully) so I’m sure you can relate!

  6. Amazing photos! What a great way to capture the moment. It’s hard to pick a favorite as they are all beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for commenting. They’ve all got their ‘something’ about them… each sunrise was so special. I’ll never take it for granted that I got to sit-in on nature doing its thing, undisturbed.

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