The world’s biggest and deepest swimming pool

The winds were down, the ocean ocean was calm and the moment had arrived. Over two weeks at sea and we wanted to switch things up a bit, freshen up and reignite some excitement after some slow sailing days.

Diving into 4,000m deep waters did the trick. (I say dive, but I bottled it. Maybe I was scared that I’d just keep plunging down, deeper and deeper, and not find my way back up in time? Maybe it was the unknown? Maybe it was the fact that I’m rubbish at diving and I didn’t want the indignity and pain of a belly flop? All three guys did beautiful, smooth dives, I must add. Ah well.)

Captain overboard

Later we added snorkel and masks to the mix, finning around by the catamaran. One person always remained on board, keeping an eye out for drift and sharks.

We only just pierced the surface of the sea, and she seemed sparsely populated with salpy forms floating around in sunlight streaked water. Any other ocean life was way, way down there, beyond our grasp and lung capacity.

Matt gets a photo from under the catamaran

Swim back to the boat before it leaves without us

And then we clambered back on board, refreshed, reinvigorated and ready for the final 1,000nm. Onwards to Tahiti!


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6 responses to “The world’s biggest and deepest swimming pool

  1. I can’t even imagine the experience you’re having! How wild!!! I’m interested in two, unrelated subjects: 1) What kind of video camera do you have that can be taken under water? 2) Out there, in the wild, blue yonder, I’m curious if you’ve experienced any spiritual experiences that, perhaps, makes you feel closer to God?

    • Hi Anita… good questions, if on totally different focuses (great! how I like it!). The video camera was a GoPro camera – really good for action videoing and I’m very tempted to save up for one myself. We also used an Olympus Tough, which can do video as well as photos underwater. In terms of spiritual experience, yes, a definite continuation of opening up some spiritual channels that I might have tried to shut down in the past. Interestingly enough, two of my crew mates are very religious (without any pushiness, I hasten to add) and I had some very enlightening conversations with them both. As an agnostic, I’m always interested in how people reach decisions of definite following… and both crew mates were able to let me know what God means to them and how faith has helped them in their own life journeys. Slightly aside, I read a lot of Paulo Coelho on board, and those books also guided my own thoughts and beliefs. There was definitely time for a lot of self-reflection on board, a little self-indulgent maybe, but I felt lucky to be travelling this journey with a geninely good group of people and maybe the light jokes of guardian angels had more to them than I realised because I completed the crossing safely. My respect for the force of nature and my understanding of the role of humans in the world were definitely further awakened. The journey continues…

  2. E.Romi

    Really cool! Do you have any idea what kind of underwater camera that is? I’ve been thinking of getting one, and the quality of that one looks great.

    • Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yeah, Joel (my crewmate) shot the footage and some photos with a GoPro camera… I am also really sold on the idea of getting one but they don’t come cheap. The other camera used for underwater pics was an Olympus Tough, which are pretty heavy and robust but seem to do well on the underwater shots. Let me know how you get on.

  3. liz

    So amazingly beautiful. I feel such peace just watching the video. xo

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