In Search of Adventure Abroad and Community at Home: Thoughts on Being a Vagabond

An interesting discussion from another adventuring nomad who raises some points to which I can totally relate.

The Perpetual Vagabond

I am a vagabond; that much is clear to me. But I am also drawn to building creative and meaningful community at home. This makes me feel torn on a near constant basis and the process of fuzing these two realities together seems to be more alchemy than a hard science. At least I have yet to discover the secret. It seems that the life of a vagabond is lonely and isolated from stability, while filled with adventure and personal growth; while life in community is repetitive and predictable, but gives the opportunity to know others and a place intimately. Now these two realities are not necessarily mutually exclusive, or even reflective of what I describe above, but for me it feels this way. And of course while traveling I dream of my life at home and while at home I can’t stop thinking of getting back into the unknown.

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2 responses to “In Search of Adventure Abroad and Community at Home: Thoughts on Being a Vagabond

  1. Savitri Ananda

    I can relate to that. I’ve just settled into a great community and am looking forward to putting down roots and getting involved with my neighbors, but the thought of selling my possessions and being more free is definitely appealing.

    • Good luck with settling in and enjoying your community… the sense of belonging and really getting to know people over a longer period of time definitely is something special and valuable. I’m also in a similar situation to you now (my blog is quite behind my real life!) but I know that at some point the open road will call me again! Thanks for commenting (and I just had a peek at your blog – interesting topics and discussions).

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