Blowing the budget in Brazil

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Brazil is undeniably beautiful and fun. I partied, I indulged in good food and I visited quirky places and and beaches and natural wonders. But despite staying part of the time with a friend, I still spent a lot of money. Because, as all backpackers I’ve met agree, Brazil is expensive. Having overtaken the UK in 2012 to become the sixth strongest economic force in the world, it’s easy to see how exchange rates aren’t going to be particularly favourable for many of us.

Overall, my daily budget in Brazil came to R$90.74 (£43.02) per day but it’s worth being aware that I spent quite a lot of my time in in the main cities, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and on Ilha Grande, none of which were the cheapest of places.  My expenses were pretty standard with no major splurges other than nights out. I did visit Iguazu Falls, which cost R$172(£62.55) for both the Argentinian and the Brazilian sides but was totally worth every penny. And the only actual purchase I made was a pair of Havaianas for R$18 (£6.55). I love living in flip flops and as I was visiting the birthplace of the worlds ‘best’ flip flops (or thongs, if you must), it had to be done.

Here’s a rough idea of costs:

R$ £
Hostel bed R$45 £16.36
1.5l bottle water R$3 £1.09
Cheapish meal out R$30 £10.91
Bus travel (per hour) R$10 £3.64
Taxi ride (2km-5km) R$10-R$20 £3.64-£7.27
Club entry R$30 £10.91
Beer R$6 £2.18
Capairinha R$14 £5.09

With very little effort, I way overspent in Brazil. But on my travels I’m not obsessing about sticking to a daily budget and I’ve accepted that you just have to go with the reality of the costs and deal with it. Even if it means cutting your stay short.

Next up: Bolivia, South America’s weakest economy, where I knew my money would go a little further. I hoped that less time in Brazil and more time in Bolivia would balance things out a bit.


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4 responses to “Blowing the budget in Brazil

  1. Hold on a second…we’re in Chile at the moment, heading up to Peru and then into Bolivia! When, and for how long, are you going to Bolivia?

    • I’m actually in Bolivia right now (apologies, my blog is way behind!) but only here for the next two weeks – leave La Paz on 3rd May. When do you get up here? There’s a small chance we may end up in San Pedro de Atacama at the same time! – I’m hoping to get there 25th.

      • No need to apologise in the slightest, we’re a month behind with our blog…there’s been a lot to write about and the videos take some doing too. We arrive in San Pedro de Atacama today (25th) and stay for a couple of days before heading to Peru. Would be great to bump into you!

      • Ah, unfortunately I had to take the shorter trip as I need to leave from La Paz next week, which is where I´m heading tomorrow. On the off chance you´re in La Paz before 3rd May, let me know. Otherwise, enjoy the magic of Peru and I´ll check back to your blog for updates.

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