The Indie Travel Manifesto

Katie on the Map

The Indie Travel Challenge‘s Week 6 prompt introduces The Indie Travel Manifesto, a compilation of ideas that characterize “indie travel.”

It’s a description of how we’d like to travel–and how I aspire to travel. I may set off with certain goals, such as “pack light and keep things simple,” but I have to admit: I always end up with more than I need.

Which brings me to one of the truths that I’ve learned through travel: I don’t need 75% of the stuff that I have at home. If I can travel for two months in two very different climates with just a backpack and a daypack, I don’t need the all of the t-shirts that I’ve been saving since high school for “sentimental reasons,” or the text books that I used for one semester in college and kept because “I might need them.” I don’t. They should…

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