Super views from the Sky Tower

Up close: Sky Tower

Visible from afar, the Sky Tower in Auckland is said to be the tallest building on the southern hemisphere boasting views of 80 kilometres in all directions on a clear day. At 328m, it didn’t sound too high, but I knew that glass fronted lifts and see-through platforms would add to the fear factor. Not a great one for heights I thought that this could be another opportunity to challenge any vertigo issues I might be carrying around with me.

Views down from the lift (and someone elses shoes!)

The first lift up with its glass floor worked my stomach into a bit of a frenzy, and all in the space of forty seconds. The second lift spat me out at the highest observation platform – the Sky Deck. At 220m, this allowed for spectacular views out over Auckland and its surrounding areas, it was just a pity that it was all indoors, the experience somewhat affected by finger smudged window panes (I was there at the end of the day).

Viewing 'tubes', for want of a better word

I did love the viewing devices that they had installed to pinpoint specific landmarks: little hexagonal tubes that exactly framed the building or landscape feature, isolating it whilst providing some historical context in the plaque below. So simple to use (perfect for me) and so effective.

Auckland from the Sky Deck at 220m in the Sky Towers

I didn’t get involved in the adrenaline side of the Sky City activities, but there is the opportunity to scale the tower’s exterior whilst harnessed up or to do a Sky Jump: a comic hero, 11 second descent whizzing down wires whilst wearing an orange jumpsuit.

And on my way back down, the lift stopped momentarily at the Sky Lounge Café & Bar. If I hadn’t already been running late and if I had been with someone to share the moment with, I would have stopped off for a sunset cocktail. If you get the chance, do it and make me jealous.

A ticket that takes you to the 220m high Sky Deck, the highest platform costs $28 (£14.50). Sky City is open to the public from 8:30am every day, closing at 10:30pm Sun-Thu and 11:30pm Fri and Sat.

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